Seventy-year anniversary of the Seiko Seiko, Grand Seiko limited edition classic reproduction

To commemorate Seiko 135th anniversary of Seiko, the Group's senior watch brand Grand Seiko, in particular, re-engraved classic wrist "44GS" case design, and Iwate mountain sunrise scenery theme to launch 9S86 high vibration frequency Hi Beat 36000 GMT movement, the world's limited 500 SBGJ021, and equipped with 9S85 high-frequency Hi Beat 36000 movement, the global limited 150 SBGH047. One of the most fascinating watches fans look forward to SBGJ021 watch, automatic disk by anodic oxidation treatment, showing the same as the dawn of the colorful color, perfect interpretation of "Shi Shi senior mania workshop" exquisite watchmaking process. Vividly on the wrist of the rolex replica uk Iwate Seiko Seiko Seiko 135th anniversary, Grand Seiko limited edition classic reproduction In 1967 the first 44GS come out, laid the world stunning Seiko Style, through the superb grinding and cutting of the staff, watch the perfect presentation SEIKO and aesthetic and the spirit of the staff. Based on the SBGJ005, which won the Pete Aiguille prize in 2014, and inherited the 44GS form since 1967, SBGJ021 and SBGH047 maintain the usual 12 o'clock time scale twice, the unique diamond cutting Of the time scale and the pointer, the perfect mirror polish skills, but also increased the perspective back cover, fine movement of the time swing. Grand Seiko's chief designer Koyasu Hiroshi has also said that 44GS case is among the most difficult to wear all the watches, the introduction of this watch case also has a complex swiss replica watches ear polyline, a total of six planes And the surface composition, after the craftsmen carefully hand-polished, showing a matte and bright surface interwoven delicate work method. How to make one of the four plane in a point unbiased rendezvous, it is a test of the artisans of the superb skills. Vividly on the wrist of the Iwate Seiko Seiko Seiko 135th anniversary, Grand Seiko limited edition classic reproduction SEIKO135 anniversary limited edition watches Hi-Beat GMT sunrise glow Model SBGJ021, stainless steel case, the watches diameter of 40 mm, date display, GMT function, date linkage time difference correction function, 9S86 self-winding (hand chain) movement, 36000 rpm, power reserve 55 hours, 10 times the water, lockable crown, screw-in back cover, perspective back cover, the world's limited edition of 500, Taiwan limited to 50 only . The stunning sunrise of the Iwate Mountain is surrounded by a mountain SBGJ021 and SBGH047 dial on the discreet and beautiful irregular radial lines, inspired by the birthplace of 9S series movement "stone Shi senior mania workshop" window of Iwate Prefecture of the famous mountain - Iwate. As if numerous beautiful feathers like the magnificent mountain scenery, when the rising sun, was dyed a bright red as the deep red Iwate, is the most charming scenery SBGJ021. And equipped with 9S85 high-frequency Hi Beat 36000 movement, snow white face plate SBGH047, also by the "Shi Shi senior mania" in the manual by hand to draw a detailed picture on the dial line, echoes Iwate mountain snowy winter, like covered with layers of snow-capped peaks as beautiful. Through the rolex replica watches skill of the staff of the characterization, the Iwate mountain rugged, incorporated in the square inch. Vividly on the wrist of the Iwate Seiko Seiko Seiko 135th anniversary, Grand Seiko limited edition classic reproduction Overlooking the transparent back cover, can be a surprise to glimpse the anodizing treatment, such as dawn-like gradient of the automatic disk. Anodized titanium metal automatic disk gorgeous eye-catching details of the surprise Reverse the case back, through the transparent back cover from top to bottom down the movement movement, will be able to clearly see the SBGJ021 watch models equipped with such as the dawn of the colorful color gradient automatic disk Yiu Ying on the back cover. Inspired by the sky at sunrise, the SBGJ021 is a lightweight, high-impact, impact-resistant titanium that imparts an anodizing finish, providing a beautiful shade of dawn, Is SBGJ021 hidden in the face plate under the surprising details. SBGJ021 and SBGH047 are the perfect blend of visual aesthetics and craftsmanship. This is where Grand Seiko moves towards "pure craftsmanship, ultimate aesthetics".